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"Well, I'm more lopsided than a one-legged badger," mewed Graypaw, breaking off from his careful stalking to stagger comically across the clearing. "I think I'll have to settle for hunting stupid mice. They won't stand a chance. I shall just wander up to them and sit on them till they surrender."
-Graypaw (Graystripe)

"I hope he has them chasing blue squirrels all day!" Graystripe hissed to Fireheart as they headed toward the corner where a few pieces of fresh-kill remained from last night. "But there aren't any blue squirrels," Fireheart mewed in confusion.
"Precisely!" Graystripe's amber eyes gleamed.
- Graystripe and Fireheart

"You idiot!" she spat, flattening her ears. "What are you doing in my territory?"
"Drowning?" replied Graystripe.
The silver tabby flicked her ears, and Fireheart saw a glimmer of amusement in her eyes. "Can't you drown yourself in your own territory?"
Graystripe's whiskers twitched. "Ah, but who would rescue me there?" he rasped.
- Graystripe and Silverstream

"Honestly!" she exclaimed as she spat out the last of them and shot an exasperated glance at Brambleclaw. "Do you toms do anything but argue?"
"It's what they do best," Tawnypelt mewed, a gleam of amusement in her eyes.
- Feathertail and Tawnypelt

"I've changed my mind," Squirrelpaw announced as Brambleclaw squeezed his way along the ledge. "I don't want to be a squirrel anymore. I'd rather be a bird!"
- Squirrelpaw

"I'd go and see Yellowfang if I were you,"
whispered Graypaw, as Longtail strode
away."She doesn't look very happy."
Firepaw glanced over at the old she-cat.
She was still lying beside the Highrock.
Graypaw was right; she was glaring at
him."Well, here goes," he meowed,
"Wish me luck!"
"You'll need the whole of StarClan on your side for this one,"
answered Graypaw."Call out if you need
a hand. If she looks like she's going to
have you, I'll sneak up behind her and
whack her on the head with a stiff
- Firepaw and Graypaw

"There are four clans just as there are four trees at four trees."    "What! You're saying Skyclan had to leave the forest because there weren't enough trees!"
-Firestar & Bluestar

"Shelter?" Crowpaw muttered. "If this is shelter, then I'm a hedgehog!"

"It tastes like crow-food!" he complained.
You've never eaten crow-food," Ferncloud pointed out. "Now just swallow it."
- Ferncloud and Birchkit

"Well, there are lots of sheep, which are fluffy white wooly things that look a bit like clouds on legs."
- Squirrelpaw

"Wake up, Brambleclaw! You've been asleep forever - what do you think you are, a hedgehog?"
- Squirrelpaw

"If a fox had gotten me", Squirrelflight added, "you would have heard about it, don't worry.
"I daresay we would", Crowfeather meowed.
- Squirrelflight and Crowfeather

"Hey Crowfeather!" He called. "What do you think?"
The WindClan warrior's eyes gleamed, but he did not reply until he had opened his jaws and carefully tasted the air. "Rabbits!"
"Right, that's WindClan sorted out," Squirrelflight meowed. "Let's get back to the others."
Crowfeather shot her a look from narrowed eyes.
"Only joking," Squirrelflight mewed quickly. "Come on, let's find somewhere for your camp."
- Squirrelflight and Crowfeather

"Keep your rear down, Ravenpaw, you look like a duck!"
-Tigerstar to Ravenpaw

"What on earth did you do to please Tigerclaw - fly?"
-Firepaw to Ravenpaw
Ok, this was just for fun. It may get bigger the more I reread the books and I will be getting some OotS quotes soon!!

EDIT: Ok I added a couple more, and I will be back soon again to post.

Warriors (c) Erin Hunter and Harper Collins publishers
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Dovewing12 Featured By Owner May 25, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Those aren't really qoutes there more of lines from the book
Limetip Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013
They are spoken lines from the book. That is what quotes are. I am quoting the characters...
Nocturnal-Glow Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2010
I'M SOO GLAD YOU PUT IN THE ONE GRAYPAW SAID: "If she looks like she's going to
have you, I'll sneak up behind her and
whack her on the head with a stiff
rabbit." HAHAHAHAHAAAA thats my favorite quote ever!!!!!
good choices!!!! HAHAH LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!
Limetip Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2010
I know! That is one of the best one in all of the books!
Nocturnal-Glow Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2010
long live Graystripe!!!
Inkspots123 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2010
Amusement post moar.
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